Photography Workshop – Brazil – Workshop de Fotografia

Photography Workshop – Brazil – Workshop de Fotografia

It is almost that time of the year where I enjoy my time to have some time of, vacation and why not teach a little bit.

I’m flying to Brazil to have some time-off and to teach few Photography Workshops and Mentoring (coaching) 1-on-1.

This time I will be focusing more into Glamour, posing and lighting.

I will try also get at least one Sexy Glamour Shootout while I’m there.

Here is a Sample of one of the Shootouts I did couple weeks ago…

Shootout in Brazil

Check few other sessions on my Facebook Page

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Portrait Photographer – Home Décor – Portraiture

Portraiture for Home Décor – Another 30″ x 40″ canvas to decorate my client’s house.

If you’re looking to decorate a wall in your home or office, here is a good idea.

This is only one of the 4 canvas from the gallery we built for my clients wall. I’ll post the whole gallery here in few days.

Canvas boy with logo

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Glamour Photography – Boudoir – Fort Lauderdale

Last weekend I had a really fun Glamour Photography Session.

Some of my clients just want to have some glamour pictures taken and other clients like to try a more sensual aproach doing a full Boudoir Session.

Here are two images from last weekend.

Please share this post with your friends…

glamour photography fort lauderdale 




before after

glamour photographer fort lauderdale miami

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Mother’s Day – Glamour Photography – Gift Idea

The Best Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Before you go out and buy another box of chocolate, or a T-shirt, lingerie, etc, etc… let me tell you a little story;

It’s not a secret that almost every child thinks their mother is one of the most gorgeous women alive.

I remember watching a show (Sesame Street – if I’m not mistaken) years and years ago, and there was this lost child looking for his mom.

In that story the child describes his mom as the most beautiful woman alive and every time someone brought a beautiful woman to him (asking if that was his mom), he replied that his mom was even more beautiful.

At the end he find his mom and people couldn’t believe that the “gorgeous” mom that the boy was talking about was nothing more than an old woman that lived on the streets.

I truly believe that most of kids look their moms that way, “the most gorgeous woman alive”.

Now, here is a great idea for the most amazing Mother’s Day Gift…

Mother's Day Promotion

How about we could make Mom feeling like “The Most Beautiful Woman Alive”?

First, She’ll come to our place (by herself or with a girlfriend – for a perfect “Girl’s Day Out”), where she’ll be pampered having her Hair and Makeup done. After that she’ll have a Glamour Photo Shoot done to show how beautiful she really is!

Every Woman deserves to have a beautiful portrait and see how gorgeous she really is.

Every person is worth that!

Glamour Before After

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Photography Class – Photography Workshops

This weekend we had again an awesome group of 15 students (photographers).

I really had a great time, and everyone was so engaged and with really interesting questions.

Thanks everyone for the great time…

Photography Class

photography class

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Enchanted Fairy – Portrait Session

Here is a short Video Slide Show of Peyton’s “Enchanted Fairy” Portrait Session.

Please leave a comment.

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Executive Headshot – Office – Business Portrait

This week I was hired to do an Executive and Business Headshot in Fort Lauderdale.

The challenge is to recreate a studio condition at somebody’s office.

I brought five studio strobes, many different light modifiers, backdrops, reflectors, stands, etc, etc, etc (it took three trips with a marina car back to my car to bring everything to the office).

I know, it looks a little to extreme to bring that much equipment to a photo shoot, but I really like to do my best to recreate a “studio feeling” at people’s office.

It took me 4 hours to setup, shoot 25 Executive Headshots and break down. But the beauty of this system is that every person in that office only had to stop working for about 10 minutes.

The quality of these sessions are extremely important for your business…

“You don’t get a second chance to make a First Good Impression!”

Here is a sample of that session,

executive headshot

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Photography Workshop – Apprentice for a Day

“Apprentice for a Day”

Apprentice for a Day72 

Sometimes it’s just helpful to watch another professional working (setting the lights, using different modifiers, checking white balance, posing clients and etc.) to gain insight, inspiration and confidence.

If you want to come to one of Paulo’s Photo Shoot Session to watch how he shoots or works with his clients, consider being an “Apprentice for a Day”!

Spend the day in hands on learning and ask Paulo any question you want – a no pressure way to see how to run a successful Photo Shoot as the photographer.


$400.00 – 1 to 4 hours Photo Shoot Sessions

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Christmas Family Portrait – Holidays Family Photography

Christmas Family Portrait – Holidays Family Photography

This week we’re having a super photography marathon.

Our clients like to enjoy this time of the year to have their family portrait done.

We also take pictures of kids and pets.

Call: 954-270-0751

christmas portrait

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Holiday Portraits – Family Photography

Holiday Portraits – Family Photography

Hi everyone, we’re doing a promotional session for 2013 Holiday Portraits – White Christmas – Nov. 23, 24 and 25.

Only few spaces still alavailable.

christmas portarit

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Workshop de Fotografia – Photography Workshop – Goiania

Here is a Youtube Video from my Photography Workshop – Goiania – Brazil 2012.

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Photography Workshop – Photography Class

Last July I was in Brazil for a mixture of Vacation and teaching a series of Photography Workshop and Photography Classes.

I had a great time meeting so many new faces.

I want to send a special thanks everyone that made my trip so special.

photography workshop

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Photography Class – Photography Workshop

The last 2 Sundays we’d sold out our “Three Hours Photography Class”.

When I started teaching this 3 hours class (Summer of 2011), the students and I would meet at a local park and we would try to enjoy the class as much as we could.

It didn’t take long to my clients start complaining  of the heat and asking me why not have these classes in my Home-Studio.

Now, we have 80% to 90% of the class here inside (with air-conditioning, water, bathroom break, etc), where I teach the clients how to improve their photography skills and stop using the camera in “auto mode”.

At the end, I do an oral “test” asking questions about photography and also simulating different scenarios (portrait, sports, travel, etc) to see how they would set their cameras for each situation.

Here is a group picture from our class from last Sunday…

Photography Class

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Workshop de Fofografia – Goiânia – Brasil

P.S – This post is in Portuguese (artigo em Portugues)

Olá Galera,

Agora é Oficial!!! Meu primeiro Workshop Internacional de 2012.

 workshop de fotografia goiania

Que alegria poder anunciar meu primeiro Workshop Internacional deste ano! Dessa vez, quem me receberá será Goiânia-GO Brasil! Se você quizer trazer um dos meus Workshops para sua cidade (Julho de 2012) me mande um email:

A novidade dessa vez é que voce pode usar os principais cartões de crédito para pagar o seu Workshop (veja o botao de pagamento no final deste texto)! Ou se preferir pagar em dinheiro, uma pequena “entrada” – (R$ 150,00 – deposito bancario), e o restante no dia do workshop em dinheiro (mande um email para requisitando as informações da conta bancaria para deposito).

O pessoal de Goiânia se mostrou mais interessado nos Workshops de “flash speedlight remoto” e “Pos-Produção Avançada com Tratamento de Pele, Olhos e Formas no Photoshop”. Então eu resolvi criar esse Workshop (com muito mais informações do que um Workshop comum).


Sobre o Workshop:


Seria bom possuir pelo menos uma DSLR. Mesmo que você não tenha tiver um flash, laptop com photoshop, etc, ainda da para aproveitar bastante o Workshop

Carga horária:

Teremos o total de 9 horas de Workshop com aula de manhã e de  tarde, começando por volta de 9h da manhã e terminando 18h. Com intervalo para almoço e talvez coffe break. Os alunos também receberão certificado de participação.


2 de Agosto de 2012


O local exato só será informado aos participantes inscritos, por questões de segurança.

Conteúdo e cronograma:

Eu não quero entrar em detalhe de acada ponto de conteúdo e cronograma, mas só para vocês terem uma idéia, aqui estão alguns dados;

Equipamento / Direção de Modelo / Estilo / Iluminação Natural / Flash Off-Camera

Fotômetria / Temperatura de Cor e Balanço de Branco

Processamento em RAW / Photoshop Retouch (Pos-Produção Avançada com Tratamento de Pele, Olhos e Formas)


Os interessados deverão me mandar um email ( com as seguintes informações: Nome completo, Email e telefone para contato. Eu retornarei um email para você com os links para as opcões de pagamento. Somente o pagamento reserva a sua vaga. As vagas são limitadas.

Pague Aqui usando seu Cartão de Credito


Espero que voces estejam tão excitados, com este Workshop, como eu estou.




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Digital Photography Class – Workshop

Today I had another amazing group for my Digital Photography Class and Workshop.

It is really interesting noticing how every group is different from each other.

Today’s group had so many good questions and they even wanted to spend an extra hour so they could get all their questions answered.

Here is our group shot from today’s class…

photography workshop florida

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