More bad news about Spirit Airlines

As I mentioned on my last post, I just came back from a convention in Las Vegas ( WPPI ). It was the best convention ever… But I will talk more about that on my next post. OK?

Today I want to finish the Post that I started last week about Spirit Airlines.

I was really mad after Spirit Airlines Charged me $20.00 per bag. I was so mad that I wrote that other post and I started taking pictures of people sited on the floor eating their home made sandwiches, or the huge line of people trying to buy some water before catch their flight. I want to show how the quality of flying have been deteriorating these last few years.

When they started calling to board the Airplane, I just had one thought on my mind: “great now I am going to Fly for 6 hours and the only thing that they are going to offer to us are some snack and a glass of coke”.

Now… I feel even embarrassed to tell what happened next. Do you know that they are not offering the snack or coke anymore? Not even water? I had to buy my water inside the airplane so I didn’t get dehydrated.

What happens next? Will we have to pay to use the restroom? How about pay a little extra to turn on the air-conditioning?

Anyway… I normally don’t like to use my posts to complain about these kind of things, but I just felt abused. I can not remember any other event of my life that I have felted so violated and powerless. The sensation that I had, was that I had been hold “LIKE” a hostage and I still had to pay to drink that glass of water.

If I learned a lesson from this experience is “…”

Sorry… I don’t think that there was a lesson to be learned here. I just wish that the authorities that are responsible for Airlines regulations would stop this kind of abuse.

Sincerely… Paulo

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4 Responses to More bad news about Spirit Airlines

  1. ERIC says:

    Do you live under a rock? Apparantly you do not fly often. Check out Sk Bus airlines or Allegiant air lines or Ryan Air. These are just a few of the airlines that charge for eveything, including to check bags and bottle of water and a can of coke. When gas costs almost $4.00 a gallon what to you expect. You see, United, american and even Jet Blue may offer you a free coke on board but they also add on a fuel charge of up to $50 per ticket. I do not see what the differnece is. Pay a fuel surguarge or pay to check a bag and for a coke. If you are smart you will pack light and not check a bag and you will buy a beverage in the terminal (after you pass security) and then you wont have to spend anymore money. But you will still have to pay that fuel surcharge on the other carriers. PS I am not an airline employee, just a smart frequent flier.

  2. Hi Eric. Thanks for your comment.
    You are right… I don’t fly that often, and whenever I fly, it is to another country. But then, it is another story. I can not even start comparing the quality of service.
    But you are right…
    We are getting so used to accept the low quality service, and on this case always justifying that is because it is cheaper, that maybe it is ok for the next time that you fly they charge you to go to the bathroom too.

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