Engagement Photography – What Equipment You Should Bring

engagement photographyIf you are a Photographer and you just started shooting weddings, you might consider start offering an Engagement Session to your clients, as part of your packages.

An Engagement Session is a Photography Session scheduled to happen few weeks or few months before the wedding date, where you (Photographer) take the couple (your clients) to some nice or unique place to have their portrait done. This Photo Session is the best way to show the beauty of the couple in a more artistic way.

Because you have planned ahead the location, time, props and etc, you must know about how much equipment you really need to bring with you.

Here is a list of what you might consider bringing with you for your next Engagement Session;

1) Camera
I know that you knew this one, but better be safe than sorry. You might also want to bring your backup camera. I generally leave my backup camera in my car, so I don’t have to carry any more extra weight.

2) Lenses
There are photographers that can not go to a photo session without taking his or her whole lenses collection. Remember that this session is very casual, and you would be just fine with a single zoom lens; like a 15mm – 55mm. Depending on your style or the location of your photo session, you might consider bringing also your 70mm – 200mm lens as an option.

3) Flash
Most of the time you might not need to use your flash, but is always good to have it there with you just in case you need it as a fill light.

4) Memory Card and Battery
Bring some extra memory cards and batteries. You never know when you are going to need them.

5) Tripod
Some photographers feel more comfortable shooting with a tripod. I normally just bring my tripod if I know that I am going to be shooting late in the evening, but you can also bring your and leave it in your car.

6) Props
A lot of photographers don’t bring any props to their Engagement Photo Session. I can not stress enough the importance of this subject. If you really want your photographs to look something special and unique, this is a must. You can bring some extra fabric, roses, or anything else that you think that would make your pictures look special.

Remember that the Engagement Session is the best moment to you to connect with your clients and show them what a great professional you are. Go ahead and have some fun, they will love you!

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